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Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello "Do The Right Thing"! -- My Name Is Trevor

Hello "Do The Right Thing"! -- My Name Is Trevor

First off I want to say hello to everyone at the "Do The Right Thing" blog. The crew has offered me the chance to share my thoughts and to be an "adopted" part of their "Cyber Crew".

My political views are shaped by my faith in Jesus Christ. My faith in him shapes everything I believe in and do in my life. So you will hear alot about how faith plays a part in many of my posts here on this blog.

If it is alright with you I might from time to time post things on the lighter side such as a Christian music video or something if I feel the LORD put it on my heart. I might be younger then many of the crew on this blog but I see this as a good thing and I pray you do as well?

I want to share something with you in regard to what I thought of CPAC. I was very proud and yes even somewhat amazed at the impact of CPAC this year. I may be wrong here but I think this is one of the first times the main-stream media has covered as much as they did of this event.

Lots of things got my attention. Yes, there was Rush, Mitt and others but the one person who got my attention was the 14 year old conservative author Jonathan Krohn. He reminds me so much of myself at his age. He may be young but I think he could have a good chance at being a big force in the GOP if he stays on this path.

Although he only spoke for a few minutes he echoed my exact feelings I had around his age and what the basics of conservatism for me were.

I'm sure many of you have already seen his CPAC remarks so I am posting this video from this mornings FOX & Friends" broadcast.


God Bless to everyone and thank you for letting me be a part of this grassroots movement for conservative principles.