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Friday, September 14, 2007

David Meets Goliath; by Forrest Langley

Poem written by Forrest Langley!
To encourage and inspire our Beloved General David Petraeus who is winning the war in Iraq.
David Meets Goliath
David are you up to the task
I heard the US President ask?
David replied “well”? I got a sling,
It killed a Lion and a Bear last spring!

Seen my sling kill many a thing.
While I did battle praises sing.
Destroyed a Lion and a Bear.
For my Lambs I must be there.

With a meek handshake or a hand-grenade.
Into Battle I charge with a Sharp-sword blade.
I’m with the “Chief Warrior” I feel no afraid.
Our Nations been attacked and I must invade.

Marching into ghastly war.
Type we haven’t seen before.
A lot of times we fight a ghost.
Times like these we need most.
A Holy Wind to blow on us.

Sometimes I must lead ever so gently.
Innocent people are counting upon me.
Beloved Nations I must keep free.
Sometimes I must lead very softly.

We must not lose this war!
Will only embolden enemy more!
Evil wind blows Iran’s shore.
O L-rd G-d this is War War.

How many lives could we save if this war we win?
Failure is not an option or Jewish Holocaust again.
Islamic “Manhattan Project” almost complete at end.
Wants to destroy the Jewish State O what wicked men.

David has the Wind that speaks to and guides him.
He trusts in God and on Him must completely depend.
David stop the Holocaust! Chop off Goliaths big head.
Bring Goliaths head back filling the enemy full of dread!

As the great big giant stumbles.
And unto the ground he crumbles.
The horrifying look that’s in his eyes.
Amazed as I watch as Goliath dies.

David sings “Is there not a cause”
As all the citizens scream and applause.
G-ds people shall remain forever free.
Killed that Giant in the name of liberty.
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