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Monday, September 17, 2007

First Post From DC

Greetings from our nation's capital! The plane ride from Indy to DC was fine. I met a fine young Marine Vet (all of 25 yrs old) named Doug who was on my flight and we were seated next to each other. It took me about 10 seconds to ask if he was headed to the Veterans For Freedom event and of course he was. I will probably post some of his "war stories" later, but let's just say that I am proud to have met this young hero!

Snooper was waiting on us at the airport, and I didn't have any problem figuring out who he was (maybe the hat with Snooper on it was a give away). I feel like he is my brother and it was nice to finally see one of our group in person.

Tomorrow is our big day. (Tonight won't be bad either as were are meeting up with Forrest Langley). At 8:00 am were will be having breakfast on the south lawn of the White House. Our itinerary says senior administration officials and military leaders. How cool it that - breakfast at the White House!!!!!!

We will be meeting with members of Congress later in the morning and afternoon and then we will all be meeting for a large press conference in the afternoon.

They have 250 people registered to be here and may hit 300 with late registrations.

Having met several different folks here for the event, you can rest assured that those here for are fine people who love America and our troops. I am proud to even be around such true Patriots!

More tonight after we finish.

God Bless America!

Pastor Ed