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Thursday, September 20, 2007

My New Patriot Friend

I want to introduce you to a true American Hero. For now we will just call him Doug. I was seated next to Doug on the flight from Indianapolis to DC for the Vets for Freedom gathering. Doug has served 3 tours in Iraq and is now "back home again in Indiana".
There are so many stories that Doug shared with Snooper and I, as well as others. However, I want to tell you how proud I was when Doug voiced his adamant opposition to the Webb resolution being introduced on The Hill again this week.
Doug is probably not the most confident public speaker, but he had no problem speaking in person with conviction to Evan Bayh about how detrimental the Webb resolution would be for the troops currently on the ground. Needless to say that Senator Bayh and several legislative assistants that we met with heard this young warrior loud and clear about how they should vote on this piece of legislation.
I will be talking more about Doug later, but the Webb info, needs to get out now as this is "on the floor" I believe as of yesterday! Let your Senators and Representatives know to say "NO" to Webb. They will know what you mean!