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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trent Lott on FoxNews

This from an interview of Trent Lott by E D Hill. She asked him about the discount moron.org got from the NYT. Where is Miss Beth with her 120 wpm short hand when needed. It took me 10 minutes with dvr constantly hitting rewind.

"First the ad was one of the most outragous, ridiculous things I've ever seen in my life. I'm not suprised by this far left-wing "kooky" group moveon.org. I assume the New York Times gave them the "friends and family discount" because moveon.org is part of their extended family. Frankly maybe ,the New York Times should have paid moveon.org for writing their editorial policy. But to accuse this Patriot, this military man this outstanding individual who the Senate endorsed unanamously for the position he has and then accused him of betraying America.It's one of the worst things I've seen in my years in Washington, which has been now 39 years. The atmosphere in Washington, the acts of cowardice, the blatant partisan politics, I tell you E.D. it's the worst I've ever seen. Even worse than after and during Watergate, and during the Clinton impeachment trials. That there is a degree of irresponsibility that we have got to stop."