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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Irrate Games Politicians Play; by Forrest Langley

We are not prepared to lay down arms retreat.
We don’t know how to quit nor the word defeat.
We didn’t come here to play political games.
If we lose here America will explode in flames.

Blood Sweat Tears is the only reason you’re free.
Death before dishonor is your soldier’s decree.
Honor, Freedom, Liberty is more than vocabulary.
These anti-war politicians sure do scare me.
You have twenty twenty vision, yet you’re blind.
Voting to retreat as our Soldiers fight and grind.
Asking us to be cowards and stop terrors war.
Goes against everything we believe and more.
We are not willing to quit till our objectives been met.
We are not willing to bow to the terrorist just yet.
Politicians claim we went to war under a false pretense.
The very ones that voted for war, just doesn’t make sense.
Doesn’t matter now fact is you voted us into Islamic Iraq.
Our sacred holy blood is something you can’t give us back.
Political traitors you desert us while we bleed under attack.
Honor, Honesty, Integrity is character traits that you lack.
Your vote to go to war was just hot air to blow,
It was so popular to get the vote you know.
Want to pull out troops you changed your mind.
Doesn’t matter we leave dead troops behind.
We Soldiers look at you with contempt.
You act as if from terrors war your exempt.
We have paid with our sacrificial blood see.
And our Comrades blood is just not free.
You dirty politicians you voted to send us here.
Al Qaeda loves you to them your such a dear.
They want to thank you for supporting them.
You traitors the enemy thinks you’re a Gem.

You’re not worth one drop of our Soldiers sweat.
Leave Soldiers alone and well win this war yet.
Sick of dirty politicians that won’t take a stand.
You vote as if you’re a citizen of Ayatollahs Iran.
Soldiers see Congress and Senate as they meet.
Our blood is worth so much more than defeat.
America, America the great red white and blue.
Betraying us soldiers is not becoming of you.