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Friday, September 14, 2007

Intro to Forrest Langley

My name is Forrest Langley, I am 100% total and permanent disabled. I was in Yusufiyah Iraq in Sunni Triangle of death. I was in multiple explosions. I have Traumatic Brain Damage. I earned several purple hearts for my troubles. I am sick of conressment and senators walking over the blood of Soldiers. If you would burn the world down with these Copyrighted poems and let the world know how us soldiers feel. Most soldiers that I talk to I would say 98% feel this way.

God Bless you

Forrest Langely

Ps. I cant function well but I have been given a gift that I didnt posess before the explosions. Please pass my gift along to influnce others. Dear sir their is 5 attachments here. 5 diffrent poems. I wish that you would send them around the world so us wounded Combat Soldiers who have been on the front lines can make fools out of this crowd and maybe cost them the election.


I will be posting the attachments beginning this evening and then over the rest of the weekend. Forrest's only request is that his email address is listed so that he can hear from those who read about him and his poems. Email away to the American Hero!

God Bless You Forrest Langley!