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Saturday, September 15, 2007

While We Sleep; from Forrest Langley

As with the last post there is more to read with this poem at the link below:
Hear Ye Hear ye listen to Paul Reveres ghost.
Poem written by Reveres Spirit the poem is entitled
While we slept and dreamt enemies defined us,
Liberal Anti-War news reporters redesigned us,
Enemy unawares crept into media the masses deceived,
America you’ll fall for anything if them you have believed
You know what we need a Spirit likened to a Paul Revere.
Anointed by Providences own Hand to Scream Truth Clear.
As Prophets of old when they spoke shook the hemisphere.
Will God send Elisha of old To Awake giving ears to hear.
Armed with the simple plain Truth your Enemies defeat.
Break the Spell that binds destroy the doctrine of the elite.
Scream Paul Revere Scream awaken us to what is true.
Our only hope is True “Spirit” lights freedoms flame anew!
Soldiers blood calls for vengeance for were locked into a deadly war.
Worse Sad part it’s not in Iraq or Afghanistan but on our own shore.
While our elected defeatists and nay-slayers want us to cut and run.
Soldiers don’t understand! Our Army Doctrine is Kill enemy with gun.
Oh America is beautiful as we try to awaken her from The Deadly Sleep.
She is having an awful nightmare! Dead and wounded soldiers hurt deep.
Congress and Senate convinced us so we sent our Soldiers to Iraq’s war.
Very same ones who convinced us now tell us Iraq is a threat no more.
Politicians fight a bloody war! Vicious too they fight to get the votes.
No holds barred even if it means cutting their own Soldiers throats.
Political Strategy get Vote! How? Create political Image an illusion.
If polls swing other way. Scream faulty Intel sure we have a solution.