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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fred Announces on Leno!

I just finished watching Fred Thompson announce his candidacy for President of the United States. While I am not going on record just yet of announcing my endorsement of Senator Thompson, let me say that I am very close.

Some of my observations on his Leno appearance:

  • I liked his swagger. He was very confident, but not arrogant or overconfident.

  • He talked tough about the GWOT, mentioning that this war was about much more than Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • He wasn't stuffy, as he joked when appropriate, but was definitely serious about the RIGHT things.
  • He talked about all the money that has been spent by the other candidates up to date when the traditional date to announce has been Labor Day. (Leno said, you haven't spent any money yet and you are already second in the polls).
  • Funniest line - "No offense to those at the debate, but it's much more difficult to get on Leno than it is to get into a Presidential Debate".

If you are a Reagan Conservative like I am, I don't see how you could come away from this show without feeling good.

God Bless America.