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Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Rant on the Judicial System!!!

OK, I just posted 2 stories from Fox News that both relate to legal matters. I want to say, I am no legal expert, but I do think I posses a little bit of "common sense" and it seems to me that a little common sense needs to be used in the judicial system.

It's OK to murder unborn babies, but if someone kills a pregnant woman they get charged with 2 counts of murder. Now make sure you understand, I'm all for the 2 counts of murder - but where is the common sense when it comes to this subject. I always called that double standards.

We can't have the Ten Commandments on public property, but we have a picture of Moses holding the Ten Commandments above the entrance to the Supreme Court.

This girl in the story below gets her diploma held up for mentioning Jesus, but "flag-burners" are exercising free speech.

Our government "gives" benefits to illegals, but this judge and ACLU claim that enforcing our laws may harm our citizens.

I know Preacher you could go on and on, but I'm not in the mood for a long sermon. OK then, let's do something about the 3rd Branch of our Government system that operates as if "it" is the law of the land. It's broken and we need it fixed!!!!