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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Great Example to Follow!

Miss Beth sent an email to a group of conservatives we correspond with and I asked her if it was OK to post it here on my blog. The first part below is her email response, and then the bottom is the letter to her school board that is a wonderful example for those who are not happy with the way things are going with their local schools.

The email is great as it gives a "how to" on approaching matters like this, and then the letter shows how to be firm and polite and still get a very important message across.

So, here's the email and then the letter ---- Thanks, Miss Beth for setting a great example for all of us to follow!

You absolutely may do so Ed...while it turned out well with the teacher in that the original books I was concerned about do NOT appear on the reading lists and aren't allowed in the library, it definitely got me thinking about the rest of the school district--and remember my post to my two congressmen? One of them, Raul Grijalva, is a far, far left winger who started on the school board--his daughter is now on the school board.

The one good thing I can say about the school the kids are going to is, while it is a school district school, it's also a charter school and very, very small. I made noise like this last year and was completely accomodated--and I don't plan on letting up until my daughter graduates (and she's only 7th grade now--it goes through 12).

I think a lot of the difference I see and a lot of the reason I get what I want (and a lot of parents don't do this) is:

1) I KNOW what I'm talking about when I question something (last year I refused to allow the kids to be taught evolution on the grounds it was a soft theory and not a hard science. When I was challenged, I knew what questions to ask such as show me the fossil record. Then I questioned the teaching materials--which I had required my children bring home so I could examine--and said if you're going to teach Darwin's Origin of Species then you must also teach his Black Book which debunks his own theory--yes, I have read both and studied paleoanthropology extensively as a hobby)

Before I argue a point with a supercilious teacher, I make sure I'm just as educated if not more so on the point I'm going to argue--most parents don't bother to do that and so have no real ammunition.

2) I offer an alternative along certain lines--I don't demand my kids be excused from the learning cell--I ask they be given an alternate cell to study--they still have to study something, they don't get to just "sit this one out", so to speak.

3) I try to offer what I consider to be a reasonable solution--i.e., have the same number of books from differing viewpoints made available and in some cases required.

It's not just me going in and carrying on--it's me carrying on and offering a solution.

I listen to Laura Ingraham a LOT and she seems to like getting emails from parents who do things like this--it's part of her "Power to the People" push. She's never read any of my emails on air, but I plan on sending her this letter as well as what I wrote earlier to the teacher.

Absolutely spread it far and wide--most people are terrified at the thought of confronting authority and if they overcome that fear they don't know even where to start. This might help someone find that starting point and start taking back their culture and/or rights.

Thanks Ed--I'm honored you'd do this!

Miss Beth

Letter to school board:

I would like to know what books are approved for reading lists for junior and senior high school students, as well as the grade level breakdowns. I would also like to know what kind of balance is achieved in school libraries for differing points of view.

I'm concerned there is too much emphasis being put on being nice or politically correct regarding extremist groups, whether they be foreign or domestic, rather than the facts being given. I'm also concerned there are not enough books written by veterans in the school libraries.

My family is very conservative and I censor each and every book my children read. If there is a book on their reading lists that's required reading, and I don't approve of that book or information content, I will demand accomodation for our beliefs. I think it's shameful muslim/islamic sensibilities are catered to while Judeo-Christian values are shoved by the wayside and this family will not tolerate it.

Therefore, please provide these reading lists as soon as possible.

I also feel very strongly about what's being taught in their science classes and have already met with and spoken with their teachers about certain issues; I have been assured my children will receive alternate study cells for those issues.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Miss Beth , PLS, PNP