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Friday, September 7, 2007

The May Our Veterans Rest in Peace Act of 2007

Thanks to my friend Cassy for sending this to me. This needs to be stopped and violators prosecuted to the maximum penalty for the crime. Outrageous!

Dear Friends;

This week, I introduced legislation to protect veterans' grave markers. I was outraged to learn that stealing veterans' grave markers has become a national and local problem. According to the Wilkes Barre Citizens Voice, 739 veterans' grave markers have been stolen from Luzerne County. Stolen grave markers are being sold to scrap yards and recycling centers as scrap metal (Citizens Voice, 7/26/07).

The May Our Veterans Rest in Peace Act of 2007 is bipartisan legislation designed to create stiffer penalties for both the grave marker thieves themselves and the scrap yards and recycling centers that knowingly take these markers.

Our veterans have served our country with dignity; we owe them the honor of a proper burial and grave marker. Veterans' grave markers are being stolen and not enough is being done about it.

The legislation is endorsed by the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States of America, The Navy Reserve Association and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. I hope I have your support as well.


Christopher P. Carney
Member of Congress