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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Set Hell on Fire&Watch it burn! From Forrest Langley

Set Hell on Fire&Watch it burn!

Sovereign General help us in this horrid day.
The Awesome cost Soldiers Blood must pay.
As the Nation sleeps the sleep Tis death.
Dream on and you won’t have Freedom left.

Soldiers got anti-war liberals on the run.
No place to hide his ink pen is now his gun.
I am Infantry and I am now forced to war.
My Soldiers Blood is worth fighting for.

Ill march through Death and Hell with you.
Grab my hand cause we must survive to.
Provide Liberty, Freedom forevermore.
American Soldiers kicking in hells door.

We will set Hell even more on Fire.
Saving Soldiers is my soul’s desire.
For you my Brain my Blood my life.
On this battlefield I miss my wife.

For our freedom we must pay the cost.
Or your precious Liberties will be lost.
Terrorist attacked us our Twin Tower.
With Gods help they’ll see our Power.

These anti-war liberals could cost us all.
Catastrophe America the great can fall.
If we let our “Enemy within” withdraw.
And Soldiers Blood counts nothing at all.

As Soldiers Bloods trampled by the world to see.
By our own senate & congress what a catastrophe.
This will make our own Evil Enemy more united.
As our dirty politicians in government are divided.

Pull out our troops heard the Traitors say.
Lying to be the President some dark day.
Betraying Soldiers Sacred Holy Blood.
Anti-war you’ve underestimated our resolve.

America horrific war has been declared on you.
US Soldiers are bleeding doing all they can do.
We need you to stop these traitors take a stand.
Else War on Terror will be lost by our own hand.

As our anti-war politicians play hide and go seek.
Playing political games for there position to keep.
While it was popular to vote for the war! They did.
With almost four thousand dead they act like a kid.

Politicians claim we went to war under a false Intel pretense.
The very ones that voted us “Off to Iraq we go”. Don’t make sense.
Doesn’t matter now the fact is you voted us into Islamic Iraq.
Sacred Dead Soldiers Blood is something you can’t give back.
Calling a modern Paul Revere where are you???
Scream from your horse with Courage true.
Startle, Shake, Shock and Awake a Nation.
Wounded hearts Scream Horrors devastation.

Ride Paul Ride cause death is on your trail.
And yet behind Paul is destruction and hell.
When Americas streets are soaked blood red.
You’ll wish you had listened to what Paul said.
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