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Monday, September 3, 2007

Time To Get on My Soapbox

OK, I've been on a couple of sites this evening, and there is a lot of, let me be nice for now, "confused" people in this country. And personally, I'm getting tired of listening to their "confusion".

I am of the opinion, that you are either for something or you are against it. That's what the Bible that I read tells me. There is good and there is evil. If you are against good then you are FOR evil.

I can accept the fact that people may be opposed to war. This is America, you have that right. But for those confused people who openly campaign against the war and then say, but I'm for the troops - well they just aren't living in the real world.

You might say you just contridicted yourself preacher. I beg to differ! Have your opinion. Be against war if you want. Just don't openly voice your opinions when it is going to harm others. Don't put our troops at risk so that you can feel good about your freedom of speech.

And for those of you who think that openly opposing our government while we are in a time of war doesn't harm our troops - well I said it already, you are just not living in the real world. The enemy (that would be the people who openly say that they want you and I dead just because we are American) are willing to wait as long as it takes to get us to lose our will to Do The Right Thing.

So, even some of my friends may not agree with my soapbox topic for today. That's ok - you are Americans, you can have your opinions. All I ask is that when you voice your opinion, think about who gets harmed if you open your mouth, and then think about how keeping your opinion to yourself enters the equation.