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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bert Speaks Out

Our good friend and Cyber Crew member Bert has been submitting some excellent comments lately - many are worthy of their own posts. This is one of them.


Friends, Family and God!

One thing that just jumps out at me is the fear many people in this country feel at this time. And when I look at the people immediately around me, I don't sense the fear in them that others express. It is no secret. It is that while we, and I write of conservatives, face the same issues, we are not alone. I give you a couple of examples.

There's a couple I know whose house flat burned to the ground. Even before the firefighters left, their church members were there helping salvage, offer shelter, and all the other things that were necessary at the moment to ease the pain of such a loss.

In another case, a real friend was pretty despondent because his work had fallen off and he was worried about providing for his family. Long and short of it, another member of the same veteran's group he belonged to, really had work needing to be done and contacted him to contract for it. Wasn't charity, it was real work, but he gave my friend a shot at the job because he felt a veteran's bond with another.

One more involves another person I know well with throat cancer. To make a long story short, the men and ladies of his Legion Post attend to him every day to help him get support and those items to sustain him. His church friends get together to take his wife grocery shopping because she is unable to drive. And they have been doing this for weeks now.

When I read the doom and gloom stories in the media and read how Obama will save us from all things bad, I ask myself this:

Are they looking to him because they have no one else to look to? Are they that lonely that they have no friends to ask for help if it was needed? Is that why they are what they are?

I don't know the answer. All I can know is my own situation. Whatever comes, I have strength from the Lord and if that's not enough, he has given me good friends to help with the rest.

And no law but God's own has to be written to command these communities to help. These are poorly written words, but what ever comes now or in the future-- election losses, economic distress, or wars against us-- no better way to meet them head on than without fear and with real friends, family, and God.