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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guest Post From The Comments Section

I thought these comments were interesting enough to make a regular post out of them. I do not know either of these people, and I haven't done a "fact check" but wanted to get this into the post area.

Cyber Pastor

After spending nine years in Navy Intelligence as a Cryptologist, intercepting communications from Marxist/Socialist countries, breaking their codes, and gathering intelligence in "other" ways, I am familiar with their methods of using the media for propaganda, using the educational system to indoctrinate young minds, using the judicial system, and voter fraud to steal elections.

This is what is happening now in America.

Everything I have researched in the last two years, has led me to conclude that Obama was selected, tutored, groomed, scripted, and financed by Radical Marxist/Socialists to become the puppet leader of the USSA.

There is a vast difference between Social Democrats and Radical Marxist/Socialists. Hillary Clinton is a Social Democrat. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Schumer, Durbin, Franks, Boxer, and a few others now in Congress are Radical Marxist/Socialists.

On my website: [valsword.spaces.live.com] I have a 16 minute video of an interview with Yure Bezmenov a KGB agent who defected in 1970. This interview was recorded 24 years ago, and the transcript highlights, in Yuri's own words confirm what I mentioned in the first paragraph.

I pray that I am wrong, but from everything I have researched, I believe Obama, with a Reid Pelosi led Congress, with a radical judicial system will pull a Hugo Chavez.In a recent address to his subjects, carried by fiat on all of the nation's television channels, Venezuela's authoritarian president Hugo ChÃvez Frias, who has previously taken over the airways for the celebration of his own birthday, now turned his country's attention to more urgent matters.

The time had come, he explained, to move the "Bolivarian revolution" from its Lenin-like beginnings of transitional capitalism towards a more robust command economy. The nation had at last "broken the chains of the old, exploitative capitalist system", he said.

The state now has the obligation to build the model of a socialist economy. The next stage of the socialist revolution will require making thirty-three separate amendments to the Venezuelan constitution a document ChÃvez previously rewrote upon his ascension to Miraflores Palace in 1999.

The most dramatic and controversial change will eliminate presidential term limits, ensuring the fulfillment of Chavez's promise not to leave office until 2021. To Hugo ChÃvez, a permanent revolution requires that he wield permanent power.

It's a risky move, considering recent opinion polls showing a majority of Venezuelans skeptical to further constitutional "reform", especially if it means the possibility of adopting a President ChÃvez for life. But the same public, polling data demonstrates, also opposed the government's refusal to renew a broadcast license for RCTV, the country's oldest and most anti-ChÃvez private television network, and that storm seems to have passed.

Marion Valentine Homepage 10.28.08 - 1:45 pm

Valentine -

Confirming. My uncle was in the Navy in the early 1950s, and joined a Naval Reserve intelligence unit when he got out of the service. Aunt and Uncle had small children and worked with the PTA. He discovered that Communists were infiltrating grade schools at that time (late 1950s, Arizona) and got into politics to combat the traitors.

This is a long standing problem, and we are late confronting it.

Iago 10.28.08 - 3:15 pm

I raised 6 kids (three adopted) worked in Scouting and the Royal Ambassadors, was at one time appointed gaurdian of 17 kids while working as volunteer with the county Youth Court. The Children are the future, and to have them brainwashed in or public education system and universites is happening, has been happening, and will happen until We The People have had enough, and only allow our kids to attend the Conservative Universities. Tell the liberal politicians and media to go to hell by not watching or buying liberal media, and working to get the liberals out of office now matter which state we are they are in.

Marion Valentine Homepage 10.28.08 - 5:09 pm