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Friday, October 24, 2008

Democrats Plan Censorship With Reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine!

Cross posted from Faultline USA

By J.D. Longstreet.

We warned you the Democrats would do this and they are currently preparing to do the very thing we warned about. We warned you the democrats are all about raw power. The assertion of their tyranny by any means possible. The Fairness Doctrine is censorship, plain and simple. And, indications are that they’re going to pass it, in the House and Senate, if Obama is elected and he WILL sign it into law!

Read about it here: World Net Daily

Yes, a few months ago, Obama said he would not re-impose the so-called Fairness Doctrine, but… do you want to hang your hat on that? I mean, when the Democratic Party’s leaders are hell bent on squelching conservative talk radio can you rely on a President Obama having the spine to deny them that? I don’t think so. If a bill reaches his desk, ready for his signature, he will be reminded of the support those same leaders gave him in his campaign for the presidency, and he’ll sign it. Bet on it.

As a money making enterprise, on broadcast stations, liberal talk radio sucks. Listeners turn away in droves and stations carrying those programs cannot get advertisers because advertisers spend their money where there are listeners! They must… if their ad campaign is to be successful. With the Fairness Doctrine, a radio station and/or TV station would be bound, by law, to broadcast a liberal talk radio show for every conservative talk radio show. What that means in “money talk” is… radios stations will reduce the number of conservative programs in order to reduce the number of liberal programs to avoid losing money. It’s as simple as that. After all, they are in business to make money for their stockholders. If the stations find they must dump all political programming… they will do it, just as they did before the Reagan administration rolled back the original Fairness Doctrine.

According to an article on Front Page Magazine the Democrats are considering other ways to get the same effect as the Fairness Doctrine without having to wage the war with conservatives that is sure to come if they attempt the re-instatement of that law. You can read that article by Brian C. Anderson at: Front Page Mag

But, there is “a kicker” in all this. It’s called the Broadcaster Freedom Act.
You can read the Bill here: Thomas, Library of Congress. If this doesn't load correctly go here.

What it does, in effect, is bar the Congress from ever reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. But the Speaker of the US House of Representatives will not allow an up or down vote on the Broadcaster Freedom Act. If it isn’t enacted, and Obama is elected, back comes the Fairness Doctrine.

If you are a blogger or a regular user of the Internet you must be concerned over this because sooner or later something of the same sort is bound to hit the Internet. You can bet it will be aimed at opinion sites such as this very site.

The question that worries Internet users, bloggers especially, is whether all network content can be reached equally, or will some sites be more difficult to get to than others? This is a very real concern. Don’t think it can’t happen.

There’s an article by Lance Fairchok at the American Thinker dated July 8th, 2008 entitled: “Stealing Freedom: Democrat 'Media Reform”. We recommend you read it if there is any doubt in your mind about the Fairness Doctrine. You’ll find it at: American Thinker

 The Fairness Doctrine, by any other name, is still censorship and an assault on the First Amendment.

J. D. Longstreet