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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Country Deserves Better

As the Chairman of one of the nation's largest anti-Obama political action committees - http://www.OurCountryDeservesBetter.com - I've heard from so many people about how angry and scared they are. They fear that Barack Obama is about to be elected President, that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will gain greater strength for their agenda in Congress, and that America will be more vulnerable to threats from foreign foes who wish our nation harm.

And all of this is legitimate cause for concern.

So what then are we to do about this? The answer is as easy as it is obvious: fight on, and in fact fight on with twice as much will and determination.

While some polls this week had Obama's lead shrinking (only 1.9% over McCain according to Reuters/Zogby, and only 1% in the Hotline/FD poll) many other polls show that Barack Obama currently has a 5% - 7% lead over John McCain. In response to these polls (and the constant reporting of them by the news media) some of my friends have even said that this election is already over, and the cause is lost.

They say this despite the fact that there are 23 days - more than 3 weeks - left in the campaign.

Now let's stop and think about this for a moment -- the liberal media that is reporting the inevitability of an Obama victory is the same liberal media that told us in 2004 that George Bush was surely going to lose to Senator John Kerry.

But guess what, Americans have not had to suffer through the agony of passing the words "President Kerry" through pursed lips because, despite the best efforts, hopes and wishes of the old-line media, John Kerry was defeated. We all got to see the shock and agony television journalists endured on Election night some four years ago as states went red (for Bush) that they were just sure would go blue (for Kerry).

And now, four years later, they want Obama to win and they want you, the people of America, to believe this is an inevitable outcome so that you will give up and accept their decree that Barack Obama should be President.

My fellow Americans, we don't take marching orders from Katie Couric of CBS, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, or Gwen Ifill from PBS. Their strategy is to beat you into submission by sensationalizing good news for Obama and his liberal ilk, and nodding their heads disapprovingly any time Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin say or do something that they do not like.

And while it is painful for many of us to watch Sen. McCain avoid opportunities to highlight the dangers of an Obama White House, it doesn't mean that we the American people can't do the job for him. For this effort must be done - to unmask the "real" record of Barack Obama. A man who has accomplished almost nothing in his tenure in the Illinois State Senate and the U.S. Senate alike, but who has been more than willing to mingle and plot with far-left radicals and anti-American foreigners who wish only harm for our nation.

The next time you hear a friend tell you that this race isn't important because he/she thinks the media is too biased, or that Sen. McCain isn't being tough enough on Obama, or because people seem to want "change" I want you to ask them if it's ok then to sit back and do nothing and allow the most extreme liberal into the White House in our nation's history?

To those of you who are thinking of throwing in the towel yourself, I want you to stop and think about what I just wrote -- and then ask yourself if you can think of any President in our nation's history who was more of a radical liberal than Barack Obama would be?

When you look at the people that Barack Obama has chosen to associate himself with, you get a sense for what an Obama administration would be like -- the people he would tap to help run this nation.

Obama spent years working with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers on education issues in Chicago.  So you know the type of person we can expect to see as Secretary of Education.

Obama opposed taking military action against America's enemy (al-Qaida in Iraq) yet wanted to bomb Pakistan at a time they were working with us to defeat Islamic terrorists. Would it therefore be at all surprising to see a Secretary of State or Defense be someone like Obama fundraiser Jodie Evans? Evans is one of the co-founders of the Marxist, far-left organization, Code Pink, which traveled to Iraq and gave over $600,000 to the families of terrorists who killed Americans.

What post would someone like Revered Jeremiah Wright get? Barack Obama thought it was just grand to listen to this guy offer spiritual advice for 20-years, and we all know that Obama would still be a close friend and supporter of Rev. Wright if it weren't for the stink that talk radio and Fox News Channel made about Wright's racism and anti-Americanism.

Who will Obama put on the Supreme Court? You know it's going to be someone who is an abortion radical, and opponent of 2nd Amendment rights. Can you imagine all of the high-profile cases decided by close votes on the Court that will now swing towards judicial activism and leftist ideologies with Obama-appointed Supreme Court Justices creating a new majority bloc on the court?

Can you imagine the type of person Obama would appoint as ambassador to the United Nations? I mean here is Mister "World Citizen" himself, Barack Obama regularly apologizing for America and acting ashamed of our legacy and accomplishments in the world. Now he'd have the power to have the United States represented by a Blame America First apologist who would be only too happy to have the UN issue edicts scolding America and telling us how how we are to behave on the world stage.

Are we to give up now, and allow Barack Obama to appoint someone from ACORN to run the Federal Elections Commission?

Folks, I'm not trying to scare you -- I'm trying to get you to wake up. You don't have to wonder about who Obama associates himself with and what kind of agenda he has had.  It's all there on the record for everyone to see: Barack Obama is a militant leftist, who hangs out with very bad people who say and do things that are very bad to this country.

I love these United States of America to much to sit back and do nothing and to allow a man like this to be President and Commander in Chief.

I cannot subject our military men and women to four years of saluting Barack Obama as their Commander in Chief.

We must fight on, and realize the power we have to change the nation and change the world when we are all committed to the fight.

I've sent this email you're now reading to over 100,000 people. I hope you'll share it with others. Ask them to join our cause and to take action with us. We've got a little more than 3 weeks to act. 
You can walk precincts or phone voters for the McCain/Palin ticket. Call into talk radio programs, or write letters to the editor of your local newspaper to show your support for Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin.

You can work with organizations such as mine, http://www.OurCountryDeservesBetter.com or join with any other similar organization.


Come out to one of our 35 rallies supporting the McCain/Palin ticket and opposing the Obama/Biden ticket during our national "Stop Obama" tour. (More details on that effort here:http://www.ourcountrydeservesbetter.com/nationaltour/index.html )

It doesn't matter how you take action it just matters that you get involved and fight hard, fight honorably, and fight with passion. The love we have for our country, for our freedoms, for the opportunity that is offered, the ability offered to us as Americans to decide who will be our leader -- and who should not be.

I am hoping you'll dedicate yourself to this fight the next three weeks. I can think of few things more important to our families and the future of this nation, and the legacy we leave for future generations of Americans.

Respectfully Yours,

Howard Kaloogian, Our Country Deserves Better Committee - www.OurCountryDeservesBetter.com