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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seven Days

To members of Let's Get This Right , from Brad Marston.

What will you do in the next 168 hours?

This election is not over. Don't believe the polls. Don't believe the press. The outcome of this election will be determined by what we do over the next 168 hours. What will you do?

Can you give a few hours at your local McCain-Palin Victory Headquarters?

Can you make Get Out The Vote phone calls from home through the OnLine phone bank?

Can you contribute to the Republican National Committee's efforts in support of McCain-Palin 2008 for their advertising and GOTV efforts?

Can you forward this e-mail to 10 friends?

This has been an incredibly long election but the time is now. Don't let Barack Obama and Joe Biden share the wealth. Let John McCain and Sarah Palin share the opportunity.

We have seven days to make a difference for this country.

*****the link above is for the LGTR Facebook Group, and this link is for the LGTR website.