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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Garry's Bailout Plan - Work!

by Garry

Hard Truth - One Solution

There is always a solution for every problem, we just don't always happen to like the solutions when they include hard work.

Unfortunately the current economic "crisis" which isn't really a crisis is one of those times when the only real solution is easy to see, but difficult to put into practise.

The solution is: Work.

That would of course be a four letter word to all politicians who see the solutions to all problems as how to finagle a tax raise while not calling it a tax increase.

Whether we call the Banking Welfare Program a 'bailout', a 'rescue or just wealth redirtibution on a massive scale never seen before.

It fits the definition of a tax to me. The Federal Government doesn't have any money, they need some, so they have decided to come get mine (and yours.)

The origin of the money the Feds are coming to get is what we as Americans do for a living, we work. (unless you happen to be a welfare user. And before you go there, I know there are folks who are simply not able to work. Probably at least 10%-15% of the total Welfare case load is just simply not able to do what they need to do to provide for themselves. The other 85%-90%, get up off your dead derriere and get a job.

But I have digressed badly here, so ever onward and into the fray...

Work, it's how we as a nation got through World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, The Korean War, The Vietnam War (lost by politician pansies) and then the Cold War. We worked, every American who could, did.

We had a goal and the goal was survival of the nation, except for the American Socialists and American Communists who wanted to destroy what they couldn't defeat.

Now at this time in the life of this nation - the United States of America, it is time again for a National Consensus to WORK our way out of the problem of an overburdening debt (primarily to China and the Middle Eastern Oil Sheiks)

We can do it, we just need to want to. My fathers generation lived through and worked their way through the Great Depression, not standing around looking for a hand-out, but WORKED their way through it.

The Federal Government as I said earlier has no money, and right now we as a nation spend more than we earn (most of which the Government then takes away) So if the fools in CONgress decide in absence of any noticeable intelligence to pay out the Banking Welfare Program, they will have to borrow it from somewhere - The Chinese Communists are an easy touch since they already own so much of our debt.

Which means of course, to repay the debt, there will be a new tax rate for all who pay taxes. Taxes which will ultimately go to the ChiComs and the Saudi's and Canada and Mexico. (debt, oil, oil, oil)

But there is a better solution which is a Tough Love solution, but a real solution instead of just a fiscal band-aid, and that is to let the banks fail who will, let the folks who can't afford the homes they are in to lose those homes and lets all begin to do the work which needs to be done - on an individual basis we can collectively pull through the worst mess the Democrats have ever caused when they got involved in the social engineering/mortgage business.

So, if the 'crisis' is to be averted, the solution is to get up tomorrow and go to work, and then do the same on Friday, and perhaps as I do work Saturday, then rest on Sunday and start it all over again.

Repeat as needed.

Work, the one solution which includes success.

Success for each individual and for us as a nation.

Now that wasn't so hard was it?