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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bidens 14 Lies and Full Debate Transcript at TOCB

I will give you a tease here, but you will have to click the link to see the list and the full transcript at Take Our Country Back. While you are there, Snooper has a TON of great post up right now (as always).


Sarah "Barracuda" Palin Handily Shreds "Say It Ain't So" Joe Biden


I watched the debate as we live blogged the event at JPA Live. and I have to admit, I was quite worried at first. The first few minutes was shaky and then The Barracuda came out and had Joe Biden on the defensive thereafter for the rest of the debate. I was stunned but very pleased at the performance of Sarah Palin v Joe Biden.She had him in such a tizzy, he forgot that he was supposed to at least pretend that he could not tell a lie. The McCain Campaign released the 14 Lies of the Czarbie Camp as expressed by Joe Biden in a vain attempt at pathetic spin. I know. All of the people not in favor of Sarah Palin will grant the debate victory to Joe Biden. I understand that. I understand also that they are bald faced liars and political hacks. Every single last one of them. Bar none. period. As for the Leftinistra, well, what else would we expect from such shallow socialists. Behold what I have now deemed as The List of 14 Lies. My commentary will be in blue...