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Monday, October 27, 2008

DTRT Editorial Comment: Stop the Assassination Talk

While I have not spoken with anyone in the Cyber Crew about this topic, I feel 100% confident that what I am about to say is the opinion of all contributors to this blog.

We at Do The Right Thing strongly condemn any suggestion by any group that the assassination of Barack Obama should take place.

It is well documented that we are firmly against an Obama presidency, and we support legal efforts to make sure he is not the next Commander-in-Chief of our nation. However, any discussion of assassination is totally inappropriate and disgusting.

Not only is it inappropriate and disgusting but it is counterproductive to the legitimate efforts that thousands of us have undertaken to see that John McCain and not Barack Obama takes the oath of office next January.

Pray that we as a nation will "Do The Right Thing", and that would be for this type of talk to stop immediately!

Cyber Pastor