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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fairness Doctrine Obama Style

by Garry

Obama and Hugo Chavez have a few things in common, both Socialists, both thugs, both interested in and schooled in clearing the field of all rivals.

So it should be no surprise for the world at large or the American public that Obama, if given half a chance to exert his power will clear the field nationaly the same way he's done in the past in Chicago Thug Politics. In much the same way Hugo Chavez is now trying to do in Venezuela by agitating for his main political rival to be thrown into prison on charges for which Hugo can offer no specific evidence. A lot like Obama's experience - no specific evidence.

Obama will almost undoubtedly institute some form of the Fairness Doctrine if he is elected. The stifling of dissent is what the Left is nearly always clamoring and whining about. The rallying cry tends to be "We can't make it in the Free Market, so the Free Market is unfair to us boo hoo, boo hoo."

Obama, like Chavez would attempt to consolidate his power base. With no thoughts for the nation as a whole, but purely for monetary and ideological reasons. Remember this if nothing else, Socialists may make a lot of noise about the discrepancies of how a Capitalist society works, but when the Socialists gain the power, the regime leaders live the fat life. The common masses may have to live like dogs, begging for the scraps, but the leaders have all they need with all of the perks which goes with having all the control.

Just like North Korea, there may be two or three million people starving to death this year alone due to drought and then storms in the rice growing regions, but you will notice the bloated corpulence of Kim Jong "I'm So" Il is always apparent at every appearance he makes.

Except for now, since the reported brain surgery, and the lack of appearances he makes. The brain surgery by the way was a failure, none could be found. Just a large and secondary spleen pumping out venality and hatred for humanity in general.

One last thought, do remember the quote from Vladimir Lenin: The Butcher of Russia
"The goal of socialism, is communism"

That should bring into stark relief the reason why the fight against The Obama IS SO IMPORTANT.

The socialism The Chosen Witless One will lead America to is just a waypoint to the ultimate goal of communism and the crushing of all which made this nation the beacon of personal freedom it used to be.

The right, the duty and responsibility of every American is to protect what it is to be American, to protect what sets us apart from the European socialists and allowed us to be a destination dream for the rest of the worlds poor.

Last I looked, the number of people sneaking into Cuba, Zimbabwe, China, North Korea or Venezuela matched the number who were just passing through on the way to somemwhere else. Most notably, on their way to America.