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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

AFN 2007 Review

American Family News 2007 Year in Review

Jeff Johnson
January 1, 2008

From religious persecution to illegal immigration, presidential campaigns to televangelist scandals, American Family News brought you all of the stories about and of importance to Christians in 2007. Here's a look at some of the top stories we covered for you.

Year In Review Newscast Number 1 click here.

'Lost Tomb of Jesus' tries to turn 'fiction into believability,' minister warns

Study says humans not heating up the planet

Study shows alcohol billboards boost kids' desire to drink

Year In Review Newscast Number 2 click here.

Missionary who 'knew the risks' now scheduled for public execution in N. Korea

Border Patrol Union president supports pardon for imprisoned agents

Wal-Mart makes it official giving less $$ to homosexuals

Year In Review Newscast Number 3 click here.

Crowds wowed by Creation Museum grand opening

Pro-life leader outraged over illegal arrest, destruction of property

Eyebrows raised over 'Golden Compass' curriculum

Year In Review Newscast Number 4 click here.

GOP White House hopefuls detail salvation experiences

Website offers parents information on Christian education

ACLJ threatens Maine school district with lawsuit over contraceptive policy

Year In Review Newscast Number 5 click here.

More Americans killed by illegal aliens than Iraq war, study says

Founder of Weather Channel disses 'global warming'

Medical group recommends Down Syndrome testing

Year In Review Newscast Number 6 click here.

Senate probe targets high-profile televangelists

Media violence may be casting shadow over Virginia Tech tragedy

Former Mormon warns fellow Christians not to support Romney

Thank you for your support in 2007 and please accept our prayers for a safe, happy and blessed 2008!

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