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Friday, January 11, 2008

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!! - The Final Chapter

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

The Final Chapter - Yes that is correct, I will be discontinuing the Daily Deciblez!!! I have come to realize that even with the best of intentions, there are some things that I am not capable of doing and doing it RIGHT. I'm going to find a gadget where you can receive my posts for the day by email and link to stories from other places, especially places where my awesome group of Conservative friends produce some of the very best blogs on the net.

Here is what I will do in the future and what I won't do after Daily Deciblez!!! goes bye-bye.

  • I will continue to publish "Do The Right Thing".
  • I will continue to write about Christian, political, and sports issues.
  • I will continue to ask Dean and Boaz to write articles for the series, "Israel, America's Greatest Ally".
  • I will not make statements such as "I will post Pray the Vote information on a daily basis", I will however continue to promote Pray the Vote and provide information as time dictates.
  • I will not attempt to do more than what time allows here on this blog.

I blog for enjoyment, and when I attempt to make this a place where I try do more than what I am capable of, then things don't go so well for me.

I love blogging, and sometimes my eyes get big when I got to other blogs and see what they do and think I can do the same - however I can't do what others do, and I'm going to be happy just being what I am, and that is the Cyber Pastor!

So let me wrap up my final Daily Deciblez!!! with this rant. It is time for Fred Thompson to get moving, and that will mean that he needs to crank it up a notch, but also that people like me who are supporting him to crank it up a notch as well. The grassroots efforts of those who want a REAL Conservative is going to have to act like we want to win, and if we don't - we are not going to be very happy with the results in both the primaries and then the general election.

I think we can do it, let me change and say I know we can do it and that is what it takes - the we attitude. Fred has to lead the way and we must do the legwork necessary to win in 2008!

I love all of you!

Cyber Pastor