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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Do The Right Thing Contributor Bio: Dean

I said several days ago that our list of writers had grown, and I want to start the bios off with the man who has been a contributor here the longest amount of time, and that's my good friend Dean. - Cyber Pastor

Dean Bio:

Born 1947 and raised in Colorado.

Joined the U.S. Navy in 1965 and served two tours in country South Vietnam aboard river boats in support of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children( Marine Corps) who were based in Dong Ha, Hue, and Phu Bai.

5 children, 3 girls 2 boys all grown up and married. 3 grandchildren but don't call me grandpa...hehe.

Educated as an Electrical Engineer. Two careers, the last as a Commercial Refrigeration tech.

Disabled in 2003 from a work related injury while on the job.

Began researching Islam in the same year and have continued to present time.

Currently living in California but I hope to move back to Utah soon. The Left Coast is not my cup ' tea.