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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Letter from The Thompson Campaign

Dear Pastor Ed,

Today is what we have been waiting for: the South Carolina Primary.

I am writing to you from Columbia, S.C.

It's not exactly warm but it beats the snowstorm we had in Washington on Thursday.

Today is Fred's big day--and the signs are good.

We make thousands of phone calls daily and they show a clear Fred surge. A number of polls show the same.

One said that 56% of the voters would still consider voting for Fred!

Thanks to you, our media campaign and ground game have been fully funded.

We are going after every available vote.

In the end, I believe Fred will prevail.

  • Here's why:He's the clear conservative choice in the field with the true conservative positions on immigration, taxes and national security and he's 100% pro-life.

  • During my career it has been my distinct honor to work for President Reagan, Majority Leader Bob Dole and both President H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush. I know Fred is prepared to be President.

  • Finally, our party needs a standard bearer who can unite the various factions of the party--Fred is that candidate.

I hope you will be watching returns tonight. I will be spending my day visiting and thanking our excellent volunteer workers and doing media interviews.

It should be an exciting day and it is an honor to be part of it, standing with you and Fred.

Thanks for the opportunity.


William B. LacyCampaign Manager