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Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Reason to Oppose Gay Marriage

by: NJ_GOP

mar·riage Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[mar-ij] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun

1.the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.


The supporters of "Gay Marriage"-- which essentially is a push to change the Dictionary definition of a word--keep citing accusations of bigotry, and hatred and frequently state that a person should be able to marry whomever he or she wants. Opponents have long been asking whether these same gays would support marriage between a parent and a child, or between 3 lovers, or whether the Mormons should be marching in the streets over their "rights" being violated in the 19th century. But one thing I hadn't considered in the debate, is the growing influence of Islam in western societies, and how easy it will be for them to demand their marital "rights" of polygamy under Islamic law if a precedent is set by gay marriage.

This is an excerpt from an article on www.faithfreedom.org written by Dr. R. Brahmachari posted 1/26/08:

One is really shocked to read the news (HINDU VOICE- Jan, 2007) that a 60 year old wealthy Arab married 3 girls, Afreen, Farheena and Sultana, at a single sitting (within ten minutes), in Hyderabad. Though unbelievable, such incidents are not uncommon in Muslim community and only a few of such incidents come to surface. Furthermore, as the Koran allows polygamy and permits a Muslim male to marry 4 wives at a time, the said 60 year old Arab groom could have comfortably added a fourth girl to his list of brides without violating the laws ordained by Almighty and All-knowing Allah. Islamic law or sharia permits two kinds of marriages, nikah and mutah. The former does not allow marrying more than 4 wives at a time...

The rest of the article describes a corrupt and lucrative system of "marriage" to young girls, within Islamic law, that amounts to a form of forced prostitution and sex slavery.

..Investigation revealed that there were 35 to 40 such incidents of mutahs occur per year between rich Arabs and young girls in Hyderabad. Many of these Arabs took [their] newly wed brides to [their] home abroad, where for the rest of their lives they were forced to live as a house maid or a concubine or simply sex slaves...

If Americans truly want people in this country to be able to "marry whomever they want" they must realize that they are opening the door for other groups to exercise their rights to "marry whomever THEY want" thereby inviting Muslim law to take a foothold in our courts. After all, won't they say that their rights are being violated since Gay rights are permitted? In addition, they may use Gay marriage as a springboard to claim that their rights are doubly violated since this is a religious issue as well as a personal choice.

Polygamy is practiced by some non-Muslim fringe groups in remote parts of the US by some, and it is easy to find examples of criminal prosecution. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4673951 . But you are not seeing prosecution of the Muslims who are openly practicing polygamy in our major cities as noted in the following blog commentary:

There are Muslim polygamist men living not far from me in the Detroit area. They have one wife, to whom they were married in the eyes of the State, and several to whom they are married in the eyes of the mosque. While our government recognizes these marriages for Muslims, it enforces polygamy laws against everyone else. In Dearborn, Michigan--Islamic America' nucleus--statutory rape cases have been dismissed on the grounds that there was a marriage (of a 14-year-old girl! in one case) in the eyes of the mosque.


Why is this violation of the law seemingly ignored? Even the American feminist movement is oddly silent on the issue. (A good commentary on this can be found at this link: http://www.city-journal.org/html/13_1_why_feminism.html)

America was founded upon ideals of freedom, but freedom for the Muslim male means just the opposite for Muslim females. The very laws the Gays want to "free" them are the same laws that will lay the foundation for a life of hell for women like the ones mentioned in Dr. Brahmachari's article. As we adapt our culture more and more to Islamic demands, which is occurring at an alarming rate in prisons, public schools and even in congress (i.e. opening prayer by Imams and swearing in on the Koran), we may find ourselves down the slippery slope with no hope of return.

In the research I have done so far on this topic, I found a surprising number of blog posts (supposedly) from women who are "2nd wives" who claim they are happy in their situation. However, much of my reading also revealed that the men who marry multiple wives often manipulate the women by citing it is "Allah's" will for them to agree to the situation.

So if you are for the definition of marriage to change to include the union of 2 people of the same sex, I suggest you brace yourself for the introduction of legal polygamy to our society, with all the trimmings.

Oh and let's not forget that Islamic law provides the death penalty to Gays, so the dictionary definition of marriage won't be an issue if we allow Islam to take over.