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Sunday, January 27, 2008

NJ_GOP Makes Her Debut on Monday

It is with great anticipation that I have been waiting to share my good friend NJ_GOP's writing skills with those who read Do The Right Thing. The wait will soon be over!

Tomorrow, we will be posting "Another reason to oppose Gay Marriage:" and here is a preview of the article.

The supporters of "Gay Marriage"-- which essentially is a push to change the
Dictionary definition of a word--keep citing accusations of bigotry, and hatred
and frequently state that a person should be able to marry whomever he or she
wants. Opponents have long been asking whether these same gays would
support marriage between a parent and a child, or between 3 lovers, or whether
the Mormons should be marching in the streets over their "rights" being violated
in the 19th century. But one thing I hadn't considered in the debate, is
the growing influence of Islam in western societies, and how easy it will be for
them to demand their marital "rights" of polygamy under Islamic law if a
precedent is set by gay marriage.

Good things are happening here at Do The Right Thing and our new contributors have many good things to add to this blog. For the future Do The Right Thing is going to be more about certain issues, and less about Cyber Pastor.

Help us pray about this new direction we are taking, and I will have more to post on this subject as time goes by.

Welcome aboard NJ!!!!!