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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Check Out Other Blogs!!!

"Best Of" From Other Blogs of Conservative friends of mine. It's not all my blogging friends, but a quick sample. Go check them out and enjoy the reading! - Cyber Pastor.

Where Do We Get Such Men As These? from: Snooper at A Newt One, and also posted at Digital Journal.

Snooper's tribute to a fallen American hero, Major Andrew Olmsted.

Fred Thompson Isn't Desperate from: Spree at Wake up America.

I think the title speaks for itself.

Lionheart's Arrest is a Warning!! from: Ben at A Newt One.

Ben gives us an account of a British blogger who faces arrest for giving is opinions on Islamofacists.

Responding to an old high school teacher who I greatly respect from: Miss Ladybug.

Miss Ladybug shares her thoughts on the current crop of Presidential candidates.

Veterans Refused Rights They Fought For in Veteran’s Hospitals from: INSIGHT on Freedom.

Story about a Chaplain at a VA hospital in North Carolina not being able to read scripture to or pray with Veterans who are there for treatment.