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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pray the Vote 2008

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Pray the Scriptures for Election Day!
Prayers to Prepare You to Intercede


The following prayers are Scriptures adapted "vertically" to be prayed back to God. This pattern of worship, thanksgiving, confession and requesting will help prepare you to intercede for the elections. Use these Scriptures to prepare your heart to pray.

I. Worship: Establish God's Sovereignty and Supremacy
O Lord, You reign over the nations and You rule in righteousness from Your holy throne.
--Psalm 47:8

I praise you for the trustworthiness and truth of Your word and Your person, O God. You are faithful and holy and righteous in all Your ways.
--Psalm 33:4

O Lord, You are great and mighty and majestic in Your power and authority! You see and know all things and there is no limit to Your understanding-it is beyond my comprehension.
--Psalm 147:5

II. Thanksgiving: Gratitude for God's Wisdom and My Freedom
Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for the freedom I have because You have set me free from my sins!
--John 8:36

O Lord, I thank you for the spiritual freedom I enjoy because You are present in my life.
--II Corinthians 3:17

All praise to You, O Triune God, for rescuing me from the Evil One. You have brought me into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Son, and you bought my freedom with His precious blood. Thank you for the priceless gift of the forgiveness of my sins.
--Colossians 1:13

III. Confession: Agreeing with God About Sin
O God, I acknowledge that I am a sinner. It is useless to try to hide my sin, because nothing is hidden from Your eyes. I confess my sins to you, thanking you for removing my guilt with Your forgiveness.
--Psalm 32:5

O Lord, help me to be as ready to forgive others for the wrongs they have done to me as I am eager for You to forgive me and take away my sins.
--Matthew 6:12

Heavenly Father, I thank You for your faithfulness and justice, for You have paid the debt of my sin. Cleanse me now and keep me so pure and clean that I no longer want to offend You with my thoughts, words or deeds.
--I John 1:9

IV. Requesting: Calling on God for Help
O God in Heaven, You are faithful and steady. Help me to remain faithful in all my commitments-especially in this commitment to pray for this fall's elections.
--Romans 12:12

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