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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Laughing At My Own Joke!!!

Is It OK To Laugh At Your Own Jokes????

Well I hope so, and at least Snooper thought it was funny!

There's a Pauliac over at Digital Journal making comments on of all threads, a post Snooper wrote about the late great Ronald Reagan!

You can read Snooper's article, "Op-Ed: The Most Influential Person of the 20th Century" by clicking here.

However, I want to copy this little back and forth in the comment section for you to read and see if you want to join Snooper and I in our laugh.

CP: What has the world come to???

ron paul (I don't capitalize the names of those who disrespect our troops) in the same thread a the great Ronald Reagan - there ought to be laws against such nonsense!!!!

Snooper: LOL!! Well, CP? The RPers have been trying to equate RP to RWR. Imagine that?

CP: I know what the rp group is doing - trying to prove that global warming really the biggest fraud in the history of the world.

Let me explain! It is more likely that hell would freeze over than The Gipper turning his back on our troops. Thus if paul = RWR then hell would have to freeze over first and surely then even the democrats would have to give up on the whole global warming thing.

Snooper: ROFLMBO!!