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Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming Soon To A Location Near You

Coming Soon To A Location Near You.

by Dean

While most of us in the United States are distracted with the coming election, our enemies are busy making great strides to permeate our society.

The elections are important make no mistake but just who is watching the back door?

Liberals ignore or are ignorant of the possibility of living under Sharia law and adopting Islam as a way of life. Perhaps they view it as a modern idea and different from our old ways. Exciting even.
But Islam is just a religion and we can choose to adopt it or ignore it right?
I have heard and read so many people say, both liberal and conservative, it’s a religion like Christianity. But is it?

Think again and you better get it right.

Many of the blogs I associate with have a series which contain articles outlining and specifying the realities of Islam.

The information is in depth and not just op-ed pieces that can be ignored or overlooked if you don’t agrree with them.
You may choose to ignore them as some right wing fear mongering attempt or classify them as irrelevant to your views and way of life, but you damn well better wake up and take a close hard look at what Islam is all about. Because whether you are liberal or conservative, left wing or right wing, Islam is coming for you.

In the first place Islam is NOT a religion, it IS a way of life and those who fall under it’s yoke suffer horribly, especially women, Christians and Jews. So what’s the big deal? We can just let Islam roll along doing their thing and it won’t affect us right? Afterall isn’t Islam a “religion of peace”? And the violence happens in other countries and to other people. It couldn’t possibly affect us, or should I say infect us here in the United States.
Is that the way you look at this?

If you do or you find yourself disbelieving the facts, then I submit that you are not only foolish but are in fact a danger to yourself and all freedom loving people.

Rather than write a long article about the fallacies and naive notions of Islam I will list a series of links that provide further education.

Whether or not you choose to follow them and actually comprehend their content is your choice….at least while it lasts. Read carefully and think about it. Your freedoms, your way of life and all that you hold dear are being threatened by a barbaric culture and a way of life that you will find unacceptable and horrific.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Read for yourself.

Here then are the links to various authors in their own words not mine;

New blasphemy: Ignoring the facts about Islamic law, by Diana West.

Honor killings: When the ancient and modern collide, by Cinnamon Stillwell.

Sharia Law And Thriving in Great Britain, from The Opinionator.

Muslim women behind wall of silence in Germany, by Sylvia Pogglioli at NPR.org. First in a six part series.

Muslim women losing out in the west as well, from AsiaNews.it

Sleep tight America, at least for now. An article by ibn Misr.

A few pictures of the realities. Not for children.

This is what Islam in Iran does to gay men, teenagers and adulterous women.

Coming to a playground near you.

Had enough? Need more to convince you?

What are YOU going to do about it?

Ignoring this won’t make it go away. This is coming to our beloved country make no mistake about it.