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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vets for Freedom Announces First Endorsement

Vets for Freedom members,

Vets for Freedom is proud to announce its first endorsement of this election season in support of Joe McLaughlin for United States Congress in the 3rd District of North Carolina. Joe McLaughlin supports success in Iraq, while the Republican incumbent he is running against has voted repeatedly for timelines for defeat and refuses to acknowledge the incredible success of the surge.

In addition, Joe McLaughlin is an Air Force Academy graduate who served his country in the 82nd Airborne Division as an Army Ranger during a distinguished military career. Joe McLaughlin is well qualified - especially in a district with thousands of veterans and active duty troops - to continue his public service as a United States Representative. For more information about Joe McLaughlin visit his website: www.joeforcongress.com

As our comrades continue to serve in harm's way, it is important that we have Members of Congress who understand and appreciate the sacrifices they make, and why they make them. The current Representative of North Carolina's 3rd District-Walter Jones-has failed to acknowledge the success of our troops and has voted on multiple occasions to set a timetable for retreat in Iraq. In short, he does not recognize the threat our country faces in the 21st century. Joe McLaughlin is the answer to this inherent weakness in Congress and we are proud to offer the support of Vets for Freedom.

“This Saturday, Vets for Freedom member and Iraq war veteran Ed Slavis attended an event in North Carolina with Joe McLaughlin, and the campaign received the endorsement with great enthusiasm. Click here to see the Vets for Freedom press release posted on the McLaughlin for Congress website.”

As Election Day approaches and a variety of local and national races progress, it is important that we hold our representatives accountable and remind them that our commitment to the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan are far from over. Our troops are succeeding, and the resulting military and political progress is reflective of the hard work and dedication of our Armed Forces, led by General Petraeus. Vets for Freedom is proud to announce this endorsement and will continue to support anyone-Democrat, Republican, or Independent-who stands alongside the troops and their mission.


Pete Hegseth
Executive Director

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