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Friday, January 4, 2008

Email from Fred08

This from Fred today -

Dear Pastor Ed,

Yesterday was an amazing day! We got a ticket to the next dance!

We beat expectations and the "experts" and finished third.

I started on the Iowa bus tour nearly three weeks ago. We barnstormed through more than 50 cities and towns, covering many miles. I visited town squares, diners, fire stations, local newspapers and more.

I took my message directly to the people and they responded...and that's why we are going on to win this election. After two national debates in New Hampshire over the weekend we will be heading to South Carolina.

But I will be honest. I must have your help.

The resources that we invested there were well spent, but have left the cupboard a little bare. We had a strong showing but we've got some more ground to cover.

My old pickup has driven me to victory twice in Tennessee and with the fill-up you provided last week, it drove my message home to the voters of Iowa.

The day after Christmas I challenged you to fund my media campaign. Once again the media scoffed at what we were trying to accomplish--they said Americans don't give to campaigns the week after Christmas. It's another one of those rules that I don't care too much for.

Well, guess what?

Over those next three days, 4,465 Americans responded to the challenge, and invested in our consistent conservative message. The total we raised was $297,238!

Once again, we challenged the conventional wisdom and the so called experts, and proved them wrong.

Now I need your help again. I'm in this race for the long haul and I want to win.

The next target in our sights is South Carolina. It has always been critical to our plan for victory.

Like in Iowa, we have a strong organization there. And again, I will be back on the bus, visiting key cities and towns, talking directly to the people.

Television advertising is critical to our success. I need your help to make sure that we have the resources to capitalize on our momentum and take our message to the airwaves.

Once again, I'm calling on my friends.

As an official online "Friend of Fred" here's what I need you to do:

Beginning now, for the next 7 days, we need to nearly double our last challenge.

I need your help to increase our budget by $539,492.

I also need your help adding to our tremendous online community. I want to get as many people on board to hear the news of this campaign directly from me, and not through the filter of the main stream media. I want to increase our Friends by 50,000.

When we hit that goal, we will be able to reach the voters that we need...our conservative message will get out.

Every penny will go to South Carolina media. Every penny will move us one step closer to victory.

We did it before. And today we have the momentum. Let's do it again.

I've got to have your support to make it happen. We're a team.

On to victory!


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Fred Thompson