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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Power of God

God is So Good!!!

I have got to tell you a true story about the church I pastor. We are a very small church, and we don't have a lot of financial rescources. January is always a rough month for us, as our annual property insurance bill, which this year was $1214 is due.

In December, the situation didn't look good for us having the extra money to make the insurance payment in January. The first thing we did was pray that God would provide for our "need". Then we did a couple of things to cut our spending last months.

We also announced that our annual Christmas offering would help offset our insurance bill. The initial Christmas offering was only $308, and again it wasn't looking good. The first thing we did was pray that God would provide for our "need".

Now here is where the story becomes a "real" God story!

The bill is due on the 17th, so on Tuesday I asked the treasurer how we stood on getting to the needed amount to get the bill paid. I was thinking that we might need to get the leadership together to come up with a last second game plan.

Let me remind you that the bill was $1214. The treasurer said to me that after the first of the month bills were paid the balance in the checkbook was $1214.70.

Now repeat after me, God is Good; All the Time!!!

Oh yeah, there's more to the story. After talking with the treasurer on Tuesday, I was given 2 additional gifts for the Christmas offering totalling $310. God not only provided what we needed, but even more than what we needed.

Let me finish with this, whatever you have going on in your life - God can do the same for you!

God's wonderful blessing to each of you,

Cyber Pastor