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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Score a Victory for Free Speech

Last week, our colleague Joseph Shahda posted an article that was very disturbing. A terrorist web site Ekllaas, hosted by the Tampa-based Internet Service Provider HiVelocity, had circulated a rumored petition campaign to its members, to be spread across other terrorist forums, to try and knock off a Coptic Christian anti-Islamic Arabic language chat room from Paltalk.

The leadership here at ACT! for America and American Congress for Truth, deeply concerned about this matter, decided to contact PalTalk to encourage them to dismiss this Islamist effort to stifle free speech.

Today, in response to our letter, Paltalk confirmed to us that they are not going to ever submit to any petition directed against constitutionally protected freedom of speech. Further, they asserted they will never bow to the pressure of the petition submitted by Muslim activists to shut down a Christian chat room that criticizes Islam. In fact, Paltalk emphatically told us that the Muslim activists spread the false rumor about Paltalk closing the Coptic Christian room if 1 million signatures were obtained for their petition. This amounted to classic Islamic ‘taqiyyah’ – deception used to advance the cause of Islam.

We are of course delighted to hear that Paltalk, the most prominent voice chat room service in the world, will not bow to Muslim activist pressure to shut down Christian rooms that these activists find “offensive.” We would like to thank Paltalk for their strong stand to protect Constitutional Free Speech Rights.

One side benefit of this exchange: Palktalk said they would love to have Brigitte Gabriel host a weekly program on its large network.

Islamist assaults on free speech have become a staple in their arsenal. As we reported last week, legislation has been introduced in the New York legislature to protect journalists, authors and publishers from intimidation lawsuits filed in foreign courts. Such efforts at intimidation have been dubbed “libel terrorism.” We will soon provide you an update on the status of this legislation and what you can do to help ensure its passage.

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