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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January Straw Poll Results from Grassfire

Grassfire Straw Poll Shows Growing Optimism

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance


Grassfire has just released the results from their latest
January Straw Poll, and it clearly shows that grassroots
conservatives are steadily coming back to the Republican Party.

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Ed, we believe this to be the nation's largest
statistically valid survey of grassroots conservatives (78
percent have indicated GOP affiliation--up 3 percent from our
December poll, and 8 percent from September).

Perhaps not so surprising was the importance citizens placed
on the ongoing War on Terror and Immigration. Support for 'staying the course" rose from 64 percent to 67 percent in one month, and has surged from the 58 percent back in September.

Rudy Guiliani is not playing well to conservatives who are
abandoning the former New York mayor in droves. According to
the survey, conservative support is gravitating to Mike Huckabee.

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Note from Cyber Pastor: I thought this paragraph from the story at the link was very interesting:

Thompson Shows Recovery, Most Trusted On Immigration

The poll , which was taken during the three days leading up to the New Hampshire primary, also found that Fred Thompson has recovered some of the overall support he lost last spring. "This marks a strong potential for a swing in Thompson's favor, but the South Carolina primary will likely decide whether this increase grows or quickly dissipates," says Elliott. Thompson along with Huckabee and Romney are receiving the most support among grassroots conservatives, according to the poll. All three top the poll in support in the primaries and support in the general election.

Thompson is also the most trusted on the issue of immigration, according to those surveyed. ON the question of which candidate they can trust to actually secure the borders if elected president, Thompson (35%) finished first ahead of Hucakbee by seven percentage points.