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Monday, January 21, 2008

Israel - America's Greatest Ally; Dean Part 10

The Annapolis peace deal may be in trouble following the resignation of Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu Party. Confirmation was made 1/16/2008.

This latest will definitely spell trouble for the Bush-Condi Rice peace initiative that requires Israel to divide Jerusalem and hand over land essential to protecting Israeli citizens from terrorist attacks.

Clearly the Olmert government is impotent in their quest to force this unpopular decision on the Israeli people.

The “Falastinian” leader Abbas has little power to force any such decision as well and other than spewing the hate and lies, he is also impotent.

The resignation of Lieberman and the withdrawl of the Yisrael Beiteinu Party from the Israeli government will weaken Olmert’s coalition. This move also puts pressure on the Shas Party to follow suit.

Predictions are that if the Shas Party pulls out the Olmert coalition is DOA, More importantly this could spell doom for PM Olmert himself.

President Bush’s prediction of a peace deal prior to his leaving office may be a little premature.

Read more here.

In the mean time rocket attacks continue from “Palestinian” terrorists in Gaza. At least Qassam 40 rockets fell on southern Israel including 3 mortar shells injuring many in that area.

The IDF has responded by raiding several “hot spots” in the Gaza Strip and an IAF missile strike has killed two, wounding at least three in a car reportedly carrying a load of weapons destined for terrorist groups.

Earlier Wednesday three “Palestinian” civilians were killed by an IAF missile strike when a terrorists car was hit east of Gaza City.

The strikes were authorized by Defense Minister Ehud Barak vowing to step up military action in Gaza as a response to the continued rocket and mortar attacks in southern Israel.

Read the entire article here.

Hamas has also responded in typical fashion. Read it here.

The following is my opinion on this. Agree or disagree as you will.

Why is Hamas being treated as a political party by some in the west? Even some in the Israeli government treat these terrorists as a political party.

Some refer to them as “militants” and believe it or not think of them as “revolutionaries for peace”. Laughable and irresponsible.

Hamas is nothing more or less than a terrorist organization. A group of murderers whose stated goals are the killing of Jews and wiping them from the face of the earth.

These are the monsters the world has decided to give billions to. Can you imagine that?

I shake my head in disbelief at the utter stupidity and reckless immaturity. We have children in adult bodies posing as our leaders “talkng” to murderers, thieves, and liars dispensing billions of dollars on a whim and falsehoods.

Dangerously irresponsible. God help us.

In part 9 you read of the fallacy of a “Palestine” and the non-existent “Palestinian People” yet here we are pandering to and appeasing these animals.


PM Olmert should resign and take several of his supporters with him.

The way the situation is developing in Israel politicaly and militarily he may be forced out of office. Does he have no shame?

It’s the left wing liberal mind set…”if it feels good do it” that has caused much grief and loss of life on both sides of this ongoing war. Will they ever take responsibility for their “feelings” and lack of thinking or effective action?

Perhaps ice water will be given away free to all those burning in the fires of hell before that happens.

Israel is on the front lines of a decades old war. The terrorists respond to pandering and appeasemenets as a lion does to weak or sickly prey. They kill it. And unless something miraculous happens, the fall of Israel may be inevitable.

Terrorists understand one thing and that is force. They will not give up as long as their enemy is viewed as weak and irrelevant.

Hamas and other terrorist groups in this region have no misgivings about killing and crippling Jews. It is what they do…it’s why they exist and why the Middle East will likely never have peace.

I have my own thoughts on what Israel must do to exist and protect it’s people but for the sake of keeping this article semi-civil I won’t divulge them here.

Let me assure you my thoughts are anything but peaceful or nonviolent.

When the world finally decides the so called “Palestinians” are truthfully Falastinians and have no historical roots or claims on Jewish land, and when they force the Arab nations to take responsibility for their own actions and lies, perhaps then we will see a road to real peace. The Arabs should be forced to deal with the problem they themselves have created.

Until then the war is on and innocent people on both sides will continue to die needlessly.

In closing I’m remided that there are always two sides to a story. Truth must come out but it must come from both sides before anything can be resolved.

As far as I’m concerned failure is not an option for the Israeli’s. They must prevail and we must support them in that endeavor or ultimately fail ourselves.

Please pray for our leaders and as always sha-alu shalom Yerushalayim.