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Thursday, January 10, 2008

PPT Weekly Prayer Request Update


JANUARY 10-16, 2008

President Bush and Israel's President Shimon Perez review troops during the arrival ceremony at Ben Gurion International Airport, January 9. Pray for protection and safety for the President as he meets with leaders seeking peace and stability in the region. Photo courtesy of the White House.

Pray for President Bush as he continues his first trip to the Middle East, seeking to meet with leaders of several nations in the follow up to the Annapolis Summit. Pray for his complete protection and care and for great wisdom from God that His will is done in the days to come. Pray for these meetings to illustrate the good will and friendship with our allies in the region and to strengthen efforts for peace among the nations. Read and pray through President Bush’s full itinerary HERE.

Pray for those responsible for security for all parties during President Bush’s Middle East trip, asking God to guide them with His wisdom. Pray that God will send His heavenly host to protect all with his power. Pray that there will be no plot or plan launched against the President or other leaders.

Give thanks for the incredible turnout in the New Hampshire primary. With both parties needing to select candidates in wide open races, turnout was exceptional. Give thanks and praise to God for this stunning outworking of democracy in which Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain were declared winners. Pray for the candidates as they now focus on Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida, with primaries on January 15,19, 26 and 29 respectively. Pray for health and strength for each one. Pray that voters in all these states will hunger and thirst for a candidate who seeks after God’s own heart, who will be responsive to Him and who will seek to honor Him in all things. Pray that all Americans will engage in this important process and will cry out to God for repentance and revival to sweep across our land as we seek God’s will for the future leadership of our nation.

In light of the recent skirmish between Iranian and U.S. Navy troops in the Hormuz Strait of the Persian Gulf, pray against encounters of this nature in the future. Pray for God’s mighty and powerful protection over all who serve in volatile areas, particularly the Middle East.

Pray for the members of the U.S. Supreme Court as they hear oral arguments on January 14-16 on cases involving ramifications and interpretations of the laws of our land—particularly those that involve felony offenders and their sentencing. Pray for God’s wisdom for the judges, that they will remain humble and will seek wisdom from Him.

Pray for the members of Congress as they return to Washington in the coming days following their Christmas recess. Members of the House of Representatives reconvene January 15; the Senate on January 22. Pray for the Spirit of God to be present and for the will of God to be honored and sought as they tackle key concerns including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and re-authorization of No Child Left Behind.

As the President has declared Wednesday, January 16 to be Religious Freedom Day, pray for all the school children in the nation, from the youngest to those in college to know of their freedom to pray and speak of their faith in the public school setting, giving thanks for the tremendous religious freedom we enjoy in America.
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Pray for those impacted by bizarre winter storms in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin, asking God to comfort and strengthen as they seek to rebuild following winter tornadoes on January 7. Pray that their communities will surround them and will provide supplies and support in the weeks to come.

Continue to pray for peace in the nation of Kenya which has been wracked by violence and death since the December 27 presidential elections. Pray for talks between tribal leaders to succeed and for this bastion of democracy and strength to stabilize.

Pray for the members of our military as they serve with courage and strength in difficult and challenging settings. Pray for those who are just completing their basic training, and pray for those who have been serving for many years--for God’s powerful protection over each one, and for His comfort and strength for their families and loved ones.