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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ARMAD - Check out These Patriots!

Last night on Snooper's blog talk radio program (you can listen to the archieved show at this link), http://www.blogtalkradio.com/takeourcountryback he had a guest from ARMAD.

This is from the ARMAD website http://www.armad.net/ :

ARMAD is an annual NON - POLITICAL Amateur Radio Public Service project that stands for Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day. We work with National Military Appreciation Month during the Month of May. We also provide other events, and work with other groups as requested during the year. We ask Amateur Radio Operators from around the world to team up during this effort to allow the people from our communities to gather at public locations such as shopping centers, parks, VA hospitals, and sporting events to express verbal positive support "LIVE" over two way radio for members of the Military, Veterans, Reserves, National Guard, Retired, Coalition Forces, First Responders, and Military Support Groups. Many of us have friends, relatives, and neighbors that are active duty, and past members of the armed forces. ARMAD gives us the chance to support one another, and to express our thanks and appreciation to those that sacrifice and serve in the Armed Forces.

This group does all they do without asking for donations, and Emery (Snooper's guest) said that he once got a request on Friday night to do an event on Saturday morning. They don't want any praise, they just want to serve.

God bless you Emery and ARMAD!

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