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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Reagan Conservative Speaks Out

I don't know if I agree that "hopes rest on" this issue, but the GOP must certainly do a much better job than they are currently doing. This is obviously one of several huge issues facing our country during this critical upcoming National Election.

'Reagan conservative' says GOP's 2008 hopes rest on border enforcement issue

Chad Groening
October 5, 2007

An author and self-proclaimed Reagan conservative says the GOP will have to do a better job selling the American people that it can be trusted with border enforcement -- if it hopes to win in 2008.

Steve Laffey's book is titled: Primary Mistake: How the Washington Republican Establishment Lost Everything in 2006 (and Sabotaged My Senatorial Campaign). The former mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, says the failure to respond to the will of the people and protect the border was one the major reasons the GOP lost in 2006 -- and he contends the party will lose again in 2008 if it fails to seriously tackle the problem.

"We should be working on [border security] policies, and one of them would be that Mexico will not face its inherent problem until we force them to do so," he says. "If they're allowed to expatriate all these people into our country illegally, [over whom we] would lose the Rule of Law in our country, then we will not help Mexico become a First World country. It won't happen."

Laffey says "decent people know" that the United States can only assimilate so may people per year into the great American melting pot. He also states that American people are not stupid on this subject and know money has been designated to secure the borders -- and yet, he asserts, the "Washington elite" remain far removed from average Americans when it comes to this issue.