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Friday, October 26, 2007

Intro to "Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!"

I continue to mess around with the way I blog. For a few days, I have been listing the links for my posts for a day or two and then make some comments about the individual stories in the this "Recap Post".

I kinda like this format, so I'm going to expand it a little. First of all, I'm going to call these posts "Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!" Thanks to Mrs. CP for the help with the name, she is the creative one in the family.

I will sound out (thus the play on Deciblez) on what's on my mind and then list the posts and add my comments to my other posts from the day, with links to the posts.

I'm hoping that this will clean up my individual posts of stories I get from around the net and will let you be able to see my comments in the Daily Deciblez and the story will be from the source that I list and provide the link to story comes from.

So I will be different, but that's OK with me - I hope it's OK with you - leave me your suggestions in the comments or email me at hopecyberpastor@gmail.com .

God Bless and my next post will be "Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!" version 1.0.