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Monday, October 29, 2007

Pastor issues warning to churches in America over 'worship'

Allie Martin
October 29, 2007


A worship leader and author says many churches in America have lost their focus and main mission. That's why he is calling them to return to what he considers the greatest form of worship -- prayer.

In his new book Worship Awakening, Gary Wright issues a warning to the church in America. Using statistics which show that more than 85 percent of churches have reached their plateau or are declining, Wright says many pastors and church members need to recapture their passion to know Christ. He says that will only come about when churches return to fervent prayer, which he says is the greatest form of worship.

"I don't believe God's going to allow the demise of his church -- I don't believe that," says Wright, who is lead pastor of Lifesong Church in Bessemer, Alabama. "But I do believe that God is working to unite folks to begin a prayer movement to see awakening happen in the church."

In his book, Wright urges the church in America to return to its first love. He contends most churches lack true worship, which is why there is a lack of fruit. "I believe that God will bring revival if we really seek his face," he shares -- noting that that belief focuses his prayers for all believers.

"My prayer is that somebody would read this book -- a pastor or a lay person -- and would really get a burden and start praying for their church, and the church as a whole, to see God's Spirit really poured out and to see God's people really fall on their face before God and seek him and depend on him totally to fulfill his purposes in the world," the pastor shares.

Wright argues that too many Christians are trying to serve as God's ambassadors in the world without being connected to God through prayer. Wright is president of Fish the Planet, Inc. , an evangelistic ministry.