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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Recap of Posts for Saturday, October 20th

You Never Know What The Next Call is Going To Be - A little story on life as a Pastor. For cat lovers, you might not appreciate the tongue-in-cheek comments - but hey, what can you do about those cats that hide in dryers?

Even Bill Maher Doesn't Believe in 9-11 Conspiracy Theories - For those of us who used to blog on GOP.com, you will remember all the discussions on Conspiracy Theories. Now, Bill Maher is not someone I would usually post anything about, but I couldn't resist when I saw that even this big time "Bush-Basher" doesn't believe the 9-11 conspiracy garbage.

Report: Structure Bombed by Israeli Warplanes in Syria Was Nuclear Facility - Was this a shock? Hardly! Israel has taken out nuclear plants in the past, and it's my thinking that unless the good Lord sends His Son back to earth soon, Israel will probably do it again. Can you spell I-R-A-N?

Setting Speaker Pelosi's Record Straight: 14 Days and Counting: No Annual Spending Bills Sent to the President, No House Conferees Even Named - There's always time to bad mouth the President. And remember all the hype about the first 100 hours of this Congress. Well, the speaker hasn't gotten one spending bill to the desk of the President, and hasn't even named the people who need to hash out differences between the House and Senate. Maybe is there was less talking bad about others, and more time working on the "people's business" then something would get done on Capital Hill. However, after seeing Pelosi's office while I was in DC last month, I guess it's understandable why it's difficult to get things done. (remove tongue from cheek here).