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Friday, October 5, 2007

Two Truths About Evangelism

My good friend Chet sent this to me with the credit given to Steve Sjogren for the content. Since I am in the middle of a sermon series on evangelism, I thought I would post here for all to see.

Two Truths about evangelism from Steve Sjogren

Truth #1:
If we could put on “God-O-Vision” glasses to see what is really happening in hearts the vital truth is: We would never stop planting seeds of generosity, kindness and love.

Truth #2:
The vast majority of the work of the Holy Spirit is done at a subterranean level, unbeknownst to a person.

As Jesus indicated, the fields are “white unto harvest” he meant they are always ready for harvest. The only hold up is the inability of the harvesters to see the opportunities that are before us.

When the chips are down we tend to hear far better then when things are going wonderfully. This is a universal truth. Wheat that is ripe unto harvest is literally bent over with the heaviness of the grain. The green, not yet ripe grain stands erect. So it is with people. Those who walk with their heads down are far more likely to be open and ready for Jesus than those who are “happy-happy, joy-joy” at that point in life.

Most of us are living at such a frenetic pace, it is difficult if not impossible to hear God. As we find ourselves in situations in life where the “inner metronome” is slowed somewhat for whatever reason – an illness, injury, taking a shower, driving or incarceration, we are far more able to hear the voice of God than previously. Remember, his is the “still, small voice.”

God is making invitations to those around you constantly. He is inviting everyone you run into today, this week, etc. Love and invite and bring your people along to do the same.

The big question is that of the timeline of God. Each one is on a unique timetable with the Holy Spirit. “How long will it take for a given person to get to the point where they realize they are being invited to follow Big God, that he is really good and that he is head over heels in love with them?” Of course, it is up to them as to whether they will relinquish control to the God of the universe or whether they will follow in the footsteps of Adam and take the path of the predictable – and live a life of captivity.