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Friday, October 19, 2007

Recap of Posts for Friday, October 19th

Well, yesterday I decided to take a bit of a break from all the seriousness in the world. By doing that, there was a ton of things to discuss today, and I only just got started with these 5 posts. I'm using a different format for making my own comments on the subjects posted on by doing this recap. I'll see how it goes, but for today I'll have most of my personal comments here.

Congressman Stark’s Disgusting Rant Against President Bush Ignored By Nets - This is by far the story that should get your dander up most! The comments made by this atheist about YOUR AND MY President and Commander-in-Chief should result in Rep stark (no caps is intentional) being removed from office. If he had any decency about him at all, he would resign immediately, and that is personally what I am calling for. I have left his contact email in the story below, and I am suggesting that you flood his office with messages that let him know how you feel - about what he said yesterday and the fact that he is the first openly confirmed atheist serving in Congress. Also contact your personal Congressman and let them know how you feel about this as well.

FOX To Air Controversial Documentary on Islam - Folks it is past time for each person to learn all they can about the Islamic religion and know what is in store, as the Muslim community continues to grow in America. Please don't be fooled about Islam being a religion of peace. Educate yourself and this show should help with that.

Hippie Museum Funding Proposed by Hillary Clinton Shot Down in Senate - It is refreshing to see our government leaders decide that some things are just too far over the line. Every item of pork spending, no matter what party is involved needs to be scrutinized. Not to mention that this country is still suffering huge side effects of the "Woodstock generation". I think it is more than obvious that the "if it feels good, do it" mentality has caused major problems in our country. I especially want to commend those Democrats who broke ranks and "Did the Right Thing"!

Boy Scouts' Rent Skyrockets in Philadelphia to $200K Over Gay Ban - I'm going to just let this story speak for itself!

Radio Disney: Remove God From 'Ten Commandments' Movie Ad - The more we see the phrase "Remove God" the more we displease our Creator. This is my personal opinion, but I don't believe the God will continue to bless a nation that allows Him to be removed from things over and over and over. At some point He is going to say, "you didn't want me, so I'm just following your wishes." I for one don't want to just sit around and watch this happen.

****Update on stark Story****

My email to stark: (You can contact him at this link: http://www.house.gov/stark/contact/ .)

To: Congressman Pete Stark

Message Subject: I am Appalled

Yes, I am appalled at your outrageous remarks made on the House floor yesterday. The things you said about our President and Commander-in-Chief rise to the level that I am personally calling for your resignation and have encouraged those who read my blog http://dotherightthing-cyberpastor.blogspot.com/ to do the same.

You may not be my personal representative, be you have an equal voice with his, and I do not think that an open atheist who says the things you said yesterday should have a voice in our government, period.

Pastor Ed Boston
Hope, Indiana

My email to Rep. Mike Pence (my Congressman)
(Find your Congressman's contact info here: http://www.house.gov/Welcome.shtml )

Dear Rep. Pence,

I met you on the steps of the Capital with the Indiana delegation from Vets for Freedom. I certainly enjoyed our time together.

I am seriously concerned and shocked at the outrageous remarks made on the House floor yesterday by Rep. stark from California.

I have emailed his office and asked for his resignation. I know I am just one little small town preacher, and he will probably never read the email, but I just can not sit back and say nothing about this reprehensible display of disrespect for our President and for the Institution of the House of Representatives.

I am sure you are shocked by his remarks, as I was, and I would encourage you to do whatever is in your power to take action against this type of behavior.


Pastor Ed Boston
Hope, In