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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Unvarnished Truth About Progress in the War in Iraq

Since the “Surge” of troops was completed in June of this year, violence throughout Iraq has reduced dramatically. The combination of additional troops, and more importantly a new counter-insurgency strategy, are undeniably responsible for the reduction.

Below you will see FACTS about the dramatic drop in violence. We have broken them down to the “Surge Focus” (June-October 2007) and to “One Year Focus.”

Visit this site weekly to get the latest data. We also plan to add data about political and economic progress.


Fact: Since June, Iraqi civilian casualties have dropped 56.4% (1,148 in June, 501 in October). Source: http://www.icasulaties.org/

* This number verifies that the U.S goal of “population protection,” is gradually being met.

Fact: Since June, Coalition Forces casualties have dropped 68.5% (108 in June, 34 in October). Source: http://www.icasulaties.org/

* Despite an aggressive counter-insurgency posture, U.S. troop deaths have dropped, because they have slowly gained the trust of the population groups they are protecting (alongside Iraqi forces).

Fact: Since June, Coalition Forces casualties by IED have dropped by 78.3% (74 in June, 16 in October). Source: www.icasualties.org

* This number is a direct result of an increase in tip from Iraqis (over four times as many as last year). More IEDs are being found than are detonating on U.S. Forces.

Fact: Since June, Iraqi Security Forces casualties have dropped by 68.9% (197 in June, 67 in October). Source: www.icasualties.org

* Our counter-insurgency campaign has also made the operating environment safer for our Iraqi allies.

* New leadership (Gen Petraeus), a new strategy (counter-insurgency), and additional troops (the “surge”), have made an enormous difference over the past year.

* Iraq is no longer caught in the “civil war” that plagued it following the Samarra mosque bombing in February of 2006.

Fact: Since September of 2006, overall civilian casualties in Iraq have dropped by 77.8% (3,389 in September ’06, 752 in September ’07). Source: http://www.icasulaties.org/

Fact: Since October of 2006, Coalition Forces casualties have dropped by 69.1% (110 in October ’06, 34 in October ’07). Source: http://www.icasulaties.org/

Fact: Since September of 2006, Iraqi Security Forces casualties have dropped by 36% (150 in September ’06, 96 in September ’07). Source: http://www.icasulaties.org/