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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TROOPS UPDATES - From the Presidential Prayer Team

For now, I have decided to have a daily feature from the Presidential Prayer Team. With each post, I will give the link to where you can join my team for free. www.pptambassador.org/team153

One of the programs that PPT offers is called Adopt-a-Troop (in prayer). Here is an update on a few of the troops in the program:

Photo caption: This Navy lieutenant carries out a pre-flight inspection on a Seahawk helicopter at Coronado, CA. Pray for the members of our military who have responsibility for the maintenance and safety of military aircraft and vehicles to do their jobs with diligence and excellence. Photo courtesy of the Department of Defense.

Joe completed his deployment and returned home this past week. We are so grateful for your prayers and support, not only for our son, but for all our troops. May God bless you.

Kelley is now home from her year tour of duty in Iraq. Within 48 hours of being in her new apartment she had a serious accident which has left her in the hospital for the past 11 days. She will be there for quite some time along with being in a rehab hospital. She has messed up her leg very badly. Please pray. Faith keep us all going at this time so please keep the prayers coming. God bless, Kelley's Mom
Nevin is well and back after two tours. Keep praying for him as he will be discharged soon from the Army but he was so inspired by the medics in his unit that he is going to college to become a paramedic himself. The military has worked wonders in his life and so have prayers, faith and God. God bless the USA and all of you who have prayed for Nevin.

Matthew is currently serving in a hot area of Afghanistan. There is daily fighting. In addition he is not able to write home or log onto his computer very often so he's feeling shut off from the world. He's scheduled to be in this location with these conditions until April or May. Please pray that Matthew draws closer to God and keeps his eyes and ears open to any and all danger. Also pray that God keeps him and our other boys and girls safe and healthy.

Mortar attacks have increased at the camp and some have received minor wounds. Margo is homesick now more than ever. She is missing all of her family but her husband and son she is missing greatly. Her family is missing her and concerned for her safety with the increase of attacks. Margo is a nurse and needs her physical strength and her rest in order to perform her job to the fullest. I pray for the Psalms 91 protection to go forth about her camp and protect everyone stationed in that area.

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