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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Backing Up and Punting!

I love blogging. Most of my posts have to do with religion and politics, and that's the way I planned it and feel led to keep it. However, sometimes there are days when I find the need to do as my father used to say, "back up and punt"! That's what I'm doing today.

I posted on the possibility of the Super Bowl going to London, more comments on the NASCAR immunization story and I would also like to mention a feel good story as well.

For those who know me well, they would let you know that I'm a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. So much so that our first child was named after my favorite childhood baseball player. Well this story isn't about my beloved Cardinals but another team that is in the headlines these days: the Colorado Rockies.

Last year my Cardinals were the 2006 World Series Champions! This year wasn't so kind and my Redbirds didn't even make the playoffs.

The Rockies did though, but in the toughest way possible. They tied for the Wild Card spot in the National League and had to have a one game playoff with the San Diego Padres to qualify for the playoffs.

They beat the Padres, then the Phillies, and then the Diamondbacks and are now waiting for the winner of the Red Sox and Indians series to decide this year's World Series Champion.

Colorado has never even been in the World Series and being a National League fan, here's my hope the the Rockies win the World Series when it starts next week.

For those who came here to read about religion or politics, I'll be back on track tomorrow (or if something big time happens later today). For now though, a change of pace is nice!